Low-Carb Pasta

I love the convenience and taste of cooking up a good pasta dish. My favorite is to make a creamy pasta jambalaya (recipe coming soon), so I've tried a few different low-carb pasta versions out there. After being unable to eat a couple of the high-soy products out there, I was glad to finally find some that was not only pretty good, but really great:

  • My favorite pasta by far is Dreamfields. This pasta is made from real Durham wheat, but somehow the starch digests like a fiber, so it tastes great while only having about 5 net carbs per serving. This stuff is so good that I've served it to high-carb-consuming adults and kids alike without anyone being the wiser. I tend to get the pene rigate or the elbows, but lasagna noodles was recently added as well as rotini (little corkscrew shapes), and I'm looking forward to trying those real soon now.

  • Monterey Pasta has some low-carb varieties of stuffed ravioli that were pretty good. It does have some soy, though, and it isn't as low in carbs as Dreamfields, so I've only had it a couple times.
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