Low-Carb Bread

There are a lot of low-carb bread choices out there, but most of them are based on soy flour, and I find that I can only eat soy-laden bread if I heavily toast it first. Fortunately for me, there are much better alternatives available:

  • My current favorite is the whole wheat version of Oroweat Light (they also have a 9-grain that I don't like as well). This bread has only 5.5 net carbs per slice with 4 grams of fiber, so I can have an occasional slice or two without worry. Oroweat also has a Carb Counting bread, but it has soy, and I don't like it nearly as well. When you're reading the label for breads, remember to pay attention to how many slices are in a serving: Oroweat Light has 2 slices per serving, while their Carb Counting bread has only 1 slice per serving (how weird).

  • A great alternative to bread is to get into low-carb tortillas. I use them for the traditional tacos and fajitas, but also for things like a taco-style hamburger, a turkey sandwich, or even a quick pizza for one. My most frequent choice is from La Tortilla Factory, which (for the size I buy) has only 4 net carbs per tortilla, and 9 grams of fiber (which sounds like a lot, but it doesn't taste like a lot).

  • There are also recipes for cooking biscuits and such using Carbquik and/or nut flours (such as almond flour). I'll add some of those soon...
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