Enjoying Food Without High Carbs

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In the low-carb food world, there is a lot of really bad-tasting stuff out there. I've tried a bunch of different things, so hopefully this experience can help you find some stuff that you'll like to eat.

Let me start off by saying that the vast majority of my eating involves whole foods such as meat, vegetables, cheese, and legumes combined into fun/easy meals. But anyone can find chicken, broccoli, green beans, etc., etc. without coming here, so let's get to some of the more interesting foods that you may not know about.

Good Things For Those Craving Carbs

  • Bread & Tortillas – Don't let folks tell you that you can't eat bread on a low-carb diet. I prefer to avoid ones with soy flour in order to provide a better taste and texture.

  • Carbquik bake mix – Unlike other soy-filled bake mixes, this one has real wheat flour, but somehow the fiber cooks like starch (or the starch digests like a fiber?). This means that it makes some really great-tasting baked goods.

  • Pasta – These days I've largely replaced pasta with veggies in my dishes, but when I want a more authentic noodle experience I have one noodle product that I like better than the rest.

  • Pasta sauce – I've been reading pasta sauce labels lately, and I've found a few good ones with no more than 5 carbs per serving.

    Recipes I Like to Make


  • Bacon Cheeseburger Salad – This is one of my favorite salads to make at home.


  • Garlic Cheese Biscuits – This is my modified version of the Carbquik cheese biscuits (my version is cheesier and easier to make).


  • Cream-Cheese Coffee Cake – This is super scrumptious because it uses Carbquik.

  • Pound Cake – See a couple of my favorite recipes for making low-carb pound cake.
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